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  • What are the main options of getting citizenship in Turkey by purchasing a property?

    Answer: there are two main methods of through which one can acquire Turkish citizenship.

    • a-) By purchasing $ 250,000 worth of property which makes the investor eligible for Turkish citizenship
    • b-) By purchasing a property with a capital of less than $250,000 which makes the investor, his wife and children under the age of 18 eligible for residency. If they stay in Turkey for 5 years, they can become permanent residents and citizens. It is worth mentioning that in order to apply for permanent residence and citizenship, you should be present in Turkey 4 years out of 5 years.
  • What is the minimum budget required to buy a property in Istanbul?
    Answer: 130,000
  • How many members of a family can apply for citizenship?
    Answer: Investor, spouse and children under 18 years.
  • Can the residence taken after the purchase of the property be extended?
    Answer: Yes, the residence permit for buying a property can be extended.
  • Is the property deed purchased by foreigners different from the property deed of a Turkish citizen?
    Answer: No, It is strongly emphasized that there is no difference between a Turkish citizen and a foreigner, both in terms of documents and legal matters.
  • If you buy in installments, how much interest will be added to the purchase amount?
    Answer: Installments are Interest-free.
  • What are the characteristics of Turkish citizenship?
    • Turkish citizenship and passport will be given to the applicant after reviewing the case, and the Turkish passport will be prepared and delivered to the person within 3 months.
    • Visa-free travel to 117 countries
    • There is no condition of presence at all
    • Having one of the top 30 passports in the world
    • Turkish passport is valid for 10 years and your citizenship will be extended for life.
  • If we receive Turkish citizenship, what will be the duty of our children during their military service?
    Answer: Given that Turkey buys a passport for an investor, spouse and children under the age of 18 by buying more than $ 250,000, if your child is under the age of 18, he is obliged to go to military service in Turkey, but a noteworthy point is the one-year military service in this country and also its purchasability. If you buy a property over $ 250,000 for your child over the age of 18 and obtain citizenship for him, he is exempt from military service.
  • Can I buy more than one property and provide it to get citizenship, or only one property is required?
    Answer: You can submit more than one property in your application for citizenship, provided that you submit it together, and that the total value is more than $ 250,000 when you apply.
  • How will my property be valued?
    Answer: The value of real estate will be guessed by valuation offices approved by the Turkish government, and the valuation reports will be presented in your file.
  • Can I pay for the property in cash when I buy it?
    Answer: You cannot pay in cash for the property you are buying. All the payments should be made by wire transfer only which will be from your personal bank account to the seller’s bank account *. Also, you will be required to provide bank receipts that are documented by the Sender Bank and Future Bank.
  • How long does it take to get the nationality?
    Answer: It is expected that it will take about 3 to 6 months if your profile and properties are ready. *
  • Can I sell my properties directly once I received my citizenship?
    Answer: No, you will be asked to write a pledge on the title deed according to which you will not be able to sell the property for three years.
  • Can the process of acquiring citizenship be done remotely?
    Answer: Yest. There is no special requirement of the investor’s presence for acquiring the citizenship. *
  • How many people can share a title deed?
    Answer: There is no limit for the number of people whose names can be written on the same title deed.
  • How long it takes to obtain a title deed?
    Answer: The process of obtaining a title deed is not that lengthy. It might take from three days to one week to get the title deed.
  • Do you, as a consultant, offer to buy a residential property or a commercial property?
    Answer: Naturally, each person’s needs for buying property such as commercial, residential and land are different, but in general, more than 90% of buyers come to this country with the view of obtaining residency and citizenship, which according to the above conditions, we offer to buy residential property. It has a much lower tax than commercial, and it is much easier to sell.
  • By buying a property in Turkey, do we also own the land of that country?
    Answer: Yes, contrary to rumors and contrary to the countries of the Persian Gulf and other countries, according to Turkish law, a person who buys property in Turkey is considered a Turkish citizen and shares and owns the land both in the field and in public.
  • What are the details of a real estate deed and what is stated in the deed?
    • The address of the purchased property
    • Document owner photo
    • Property registration details in the document office
    • Type of permit issued in relation to the relevant land (type of use)
    • Total land area
    • Type of ownership
    • Property price worth Turkish lira
    • Previous owner profile
    • New owner profile
    • Last date of change of
    • Previous ownership registration number
    • New property registration information
    • Date of new ownership change
    • Date, stamp and signature of the director of the registry office
  • Is a property expertise required? What is the process and time required for the bachelor’s degree?
    Answer: Accident and earthquake insurance is one of the compulsory insurances. DASK insurance is mandatory with a small amount of 200 to 300 lira at the time of registering the document in the name of the buyer in the document office.
  • Can the purchased property be covered by insurance?
    Answer: Accident and earthquake insurance is one of the compulsory insurances. DASK insurance is mandatory with a small amount of 200 to 300 lira at the time of registering the document in the name of the buyer in the document office.
  • If we do not want to live in Turkey, is it possible to rent our property in the future?
    Answer: Yes.
  • Do buyers or sellers have to live in Istanbul to buy or sell property?
    Answer: To buy or sell a property in Istanbul, whether dealing with a foreigner or a Turkish citizen, you do not need to have a residence permit, and this can only be done with a tax number.
  • Why the investment in real estate in Istanbul is totally worth it?
    Answer: There are many factors that make Istanbul a viable option for investing in real estate. For example, Turkey generally has a stable situation which provides a safe, peaceful and progressed environment for living as well as working. Also, Turkey has a very welcoming and hospitable culture which makes fitting in much easier for foreigners. It is worth noting that Istanbul is the only city what connects two continents. This beautify city is known for having very reasonable prices compared to other big cities of the world. Istanbul is one of the fastest growing cities around the world and is seen as hub through which you can reach any other country around the world, be it east or west.
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