Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment
0 New Investors Each Month of 2020
World's Most Popular Citizenship-by-Investment Program

Do you need to travel the world without hassle? Expand your business or reach more opportunities? While achieving these goals, you also give great importance to keeping the value of your investment. Having your home and your second nationality within a strong & dynamic Turkey and being able to travel the world- 120+ countries visa-free and EU with easy visa- while also doing the best investment of your life: welcome aboard together with 900+ new investors applying for Turkish Citizenship each month even in COVID-stricken 2020.

Investment Options

Investment OptionsReal Estate Investment
  • Turkish Citizenship by Investment applicants can be eligible by purchasing proper real estate worth at least USD 250.000.
  • The purchased real estate must not be solid for the next three years and needs to be annotated for that in title deed.
  • Residental, industral, commercial, office properties as well as farms and lands can be acquired for Turksh Citizenship.
  • Property needs approval of the Ministry of Urban and Envronmental Affairs for Verified application.
Bank DepositsBank Deposits
  • Turkish Citizenship by Investment applicants can be eligible by depositing funds in a bank account of at least USD 500.000.
  • The money deposited in the bank account must not exit the bank for three years and must be blocked as such.
  • Money can be put to interest or profit-sharing in Islamic banks and can be changed among currencies- USD, TRY, EUR, GBP.
  • Investment is to be approved by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Authority for its Citizenship-by-Investment eligibility.
Other MethodsOther Methods
  • Applicants can acquire Turkish Citizenship by Investment through other methods as well -with a minimum USD 500.000 investment.
  • These include investng in Investment Funds & REITs (regulated by Capital Markets Board), investng in companies wth fixed capital (by Ministry of Commerce) and purchasing bonds (by Ministry of Treasury).
  • These methods also necessitate a 3-year no-exit perod- as with any other method.
  • Most applications are done through property and others deposit- alternatve methods are not suggested.

Why You Should Get Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Whether you want a secure country to live confidently and comfortably or whether you want your savings to both to be safe, secure, under control fully by you and profiting at the same time without a doubt- Turkey is an ideal choice for you, regardless of citizenship acquisition. Then, you also have the advantage of Turkey’s passport- securing you a future and traveling rights.
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Required Information

PROCESS FOR TURKISH CITIZENSHIP ACQUISITION It can be complicated for a foreigner- with no experience and with a language barrier- to understand the governmental procedure leading to Turkish citizenship acquisition, but there is no need to worry. Our expert lawyers and consultants at Viya Citizenship will enlighten you for each step of your application, will update you in the process and will take care of everything- reflecting no-hassle to you, until the passport is delivered. You have arrived in the right place.
Selection of Investment
Selection of Investment
Done in the first 10 days
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Preparation of Required Documents
Preparation of Required Documents
Done in the first 10 days
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Bank Account Openng, Payments & Title Deed
Bank Account Openng, Payments & Title Deed
Done in the first 10 days
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Select on of Investment

  • Making the minimum investment of at least US Dollar 250.000,00.
  • Getting the valuation of at least US Dollar 250.000,00 from a valuation expert that is licensed by Capital Markets Board of Turkey for Citizenship Property Valuation.
  • Having a problem-free title deed. (No mortgages, no ownership disputes)
  • Having independent unit status- for incomplete projects.
What we look for...
  • High rental returns- We provide the client with the highest possible & sustainable rental returns- even with guarantee options.
  • High price appreciation- We provide client with locations & projects that are expected to increase in sales value after three years and further.
  • Due diligence process- We make due diligence on each project we source for client in safety of the purchase and citizenship eligibility.

Preparation of Required Documents

What we need to prepare together...
  • Power of Attorney & Sworn Translation of Passport- Translated, issued & notarised in a notary located in Turkey or in a notary of Turkish consulate/embassy elsewhere.
  • ID Documentation- Any documentation (other than ID or passport) that shows name-surname, father's and mother's names, city and date of birth together with an apostille stamp or translation-MF approval-Consulate approval.
  • Marital Status Documents- Documents showing marital status in all cases- married, divorced, widowed, non-married- must be issued, apostilled and/or MF authorized and consulate/embassy notarised.
  • Permit for Children- If the mother or father of the children is not included in the application, the apostilled and/or MF authorized and consulate/embassy notarised permit of her/him is also needed.
What we prepare for you...
  • Tax ID document,
  • insurances,
  • bank receipts for property,
  • valuation of property,
  • title deed documents...

Bank Account Openng, Payments & Title Deed

We manage the payment process for you, in the correct and citizenship-eligible way.
  • Opening of the Bank Account- We open a bank account for you, if we are authorized in our Power of Attorney within 3 to 7 days, upon your sending of the Power of Attorney screenshot, passport picture and utility bill/proof of address.
  • Payment to Property Owner- The payment can be done in multiple ways and get citizenship eligibility. If one pays a) from his direct account based out of Turkey, b) from his direct account based in Turkey, c) from the account of his attorney upon issuance of a Power of Attorney- one is eligible for Turkish Citizenship by Investment. Payments made through the accounts of a) brokers or non-lawyers who have received Power of Attorney, b) relatives including kids, brothers etc. can jeopardize your process of citizenship.
  • Title Deed Transfer Process- In the transfer of the title deed, we have an attorney present at all instances to check any problems that have the possibility of occuring and to prevent them. Upon payment, the title deed can be transferred only in 2 days (however, this procedure can be a little longer due to COVID-19 conditions).
  • Banks that We Work with- We have an efficient working system with Garanti Bank (European owned but inflexible in opening accounts for foreigners), Ziraat Bank (government-owned, solid and flexible in opening accounts for foreigners) and Albaraka Türk (Islamic bank, flexible in opening accounts for foreigners).
Submission of Application
Submission of Application
Takes 7 to 30 days
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Evaluation of The
Evaluation of The Application
Takes 45 to 70 days
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Approval & After Citizenship
Approval & After Citizenship
Encompasses after-service procedures
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Submission of the Application

We guarantee the delivery of final citizenship approval in 90 days, after investment/documents are completed.
  • Acquiring of the Citizenship Investment Approval- First step after documents and investment are complete is to get the Document of Approval from Ministry of Urban & Environmental Affairs that certifies the investment-made is eligible for the Citizenship-by-Investment procedure. This process takes a couple days only.
  • Application and Issuance of Residency Permit- Attorneys can apply and get a residency permit simultaneously with the Citizenship Investment Approval- taking around 6-7 days- right after investment and documentation procedures.
  • Final Application of Citizenship File- After Document of Approval from Ministry of Urban & Environmental Affairs and the Residency Permit are issued, the final Citizenship File is submitted to the Citizenship Office -the office that has all related governmental institutions together in representation level, for the following evaluation procedures.

Evaluation of the Application

We closely follow all evaluation procedures online and face-to-face for our clients until application reaches Presidency.
  • Registering the Applicants to Population System- Documents such as Passport Copy, ID/Birth Certificate, Marital Status Document and Permit to Include Children are checked for their integrity, their apostille and originality and are registered to the Population Registry of Turkey by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs.
  • Security Background Check by Intelligence Agency- The National Intelligence Agency of Turkey checks each applicant of citizenship for their criminal backgrounds and rejects applications with a criminal history. Turkey does not require any criminal clearance documents but does its own checks on the background on applicants.
  • Final Approval of Citizenship by Ministry of Interior- After documents, investment, residency and backgrounds of the applicants are all approved- Citizenship File goes to the Ministry of Interior to receive the final approval.

Approval and After Citizenship

Unlike any other firms, Viya Citizenship continues to assist you after your receival of citizenship approval.
  • Citizenship Finalisation- After the approval of the Ministry of Interior, the Citizenship File is sent to the Presidency of Turkey and receives final approval there. Upon approval, applicants receive Citizenship Certificates to given addresses.
  • Biometrics and Passport Receival- Applicants that get approved and receive Certificates can then go on to a Police Department in Turkey or a Consulate/Embassy abroad to give biometrics. Passports are then sent to given local address or to the Consulate/Embassy specified by the applicants.
  • Property After-Sale Services- After getting the citizenship, one of the main concerns of investors is to manage their properties. We help them by a) furnishing their apartments, b) renting their apartments to long-term tenants, c) renting their apartments with our touristic-renting partner firms such as the Blueground and d) selling their apartments at great profits after three years waiting period.
Passports Delivered Within 90 Days!
Visa-Free Travel
Visa-Free Travel

Turkey provides visa-free travel to over 120 countries worldwide and ranks top on all passport indexes- just behind EU-member states. On the other side, the exceptional of the Turkish passport is its use of a special relationship between Turkey and EU. With EU, Turkey has a Schengen Visa Easing Agreement- getting the visa-process for Schengen countries down as much to just 3 days. Turkey also benefits from express visa options with the UK.

All advantages aside, Turkey ranks 6th globally in terms of diplomatic presence and is among the five countries that first sent Ambassadors abroad. Our diplomats and diplomatic presence globally ensure our citizens have no problems with any customs, entrances, etc. anywhere they go globally. Our clients who received their Turkish passports feel the difference of Turkish citizenship in this power and presence.

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Required Documents for Citizenship

Marriage CertificateMarriage Certificate
  • A government-issued document that certifies the marital status of applicants is necessary regardless of being in a marriage, haven't been married ever, being a widow or divorced. For married couples, a marriage certificate is asked. For others, ID showing status or a gov't -court document is necessary.
  • Such document needs to be apostilled- stamped by the authority that is given powers of apostille in local country.
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Birth CertificateBirth Certificate
  • A government-issued document that shows a) name and surname, b) name and surname of mother and father, c) city and date of birth for each applicant is necessary. This document should not be the ID card or the passport. A court document is sufficient if proper birth certificate doesn't exist.
  • Such document needs to be apostilled- stamped by the authority that is given powers of apostille in local country.
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Other DocumentsOther Documents
  • A Power of Attorney to follow up PR and citizenship application, to purchase the property and to open the bank account is necessary from main applicant. From spouse, a citizenship-only PoA also is needed.
  • Passport needs to be scanned clearly (information pages and visa-pages) and sent to the attorney.
  • A proof of address in country of current residence (utility bill) is also necessary.

Marriage Certificate

Birth Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Day after day Viya has certified its success in the services it provided to hundreds and hundreds of people. Everyone comes with a unique question in mind and Viya has never let any clients go without an answer. We find pride in our work, and we feel responsible to our clients to have any questions in their minds meet answers from professionals.

As a law firm at its core, we help investors find comfort and confidence here in Turkey with the choice they made to go with Turkish Citizenship and the choice they made on their investment. Our success is defined by the solutions we have provided and the questions we didn’t let in the gray.

You can seek the answers to any question you have in your mind to our professional team with total confidence and comfort in mind. And you will see how your questions and our answers will shape your future and your security in your next move.

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Citizenship Eligible Properties

Can you buy any property to acquire Turkish Citizenship by Investment? Yes- you can buy property anywhere and any type. And no, many properties will not get you your goal of citizenship acquisition. This may be whether because they do not have enough valuation or maybe the payment has been made wrong. There can also be issues with mortgages, legal disputes, annotations on title deed, military restrictions of property ownership and more. Have a lawyer guide you on your entire process of citizenship property acquisition to choose the right property. Or better, have Viya Citizenship- that advises you directly on property while acting as your lawyers- to assist you to choose the best fit for your goals.
Center Premium

Center Premium

Center Premium is a special project by the biggest developer of Turkey located in the newly developing center of İstanbul, ataşehir.
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Our project Maslak Sky Residence is located in Sarıyer at the European side of İstanbul.
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