A Migros with ₺150,000 Rent Each Month

A Migros with ₺150,000 Rent Each Month
A Migros with ₺150,000 Rent Each Month
A Migros with ₺150,000 Rent Each Month
A Migros with ₺150,000 Rent Each Month

Property Overview

A magnificent commercial unit with 4000 sqm of closed area rented by the biggest grocery chain of Turkey in the capital. The structure of this grocery chain is to have central distribution branches in each city like the one in this offer to distribute the goods to other smaller stores. Which guarantees a good tenant for a very long term. This tenant is paying ₺150.000 each month!

Property Features

  • Property Type
    Property Type Commercial
  • Completon Status
    Completon Status 100%
  • Price Range
    Price Range $4,659,100
  • Location
    Location Ankara/Çankaya
  • Installments
    Installments Eligible
  • Net Area (sq. m.)
    Net Area (sq. m.) 4000
  • Citizenship
    Citizenship Eligibility Confirmed
  • Title Deed
    Title Deed Verified Secure
  • Building Age
    Building Age 10

Top 3 Reasons to
Buy This Property


Blue Chip Tenant Turkey's biggest grocery chain has chosen this store as the central distribution branch for the whole city which is the most reliable type.


High Rental Income Over 19 years of return in your investment with the rent increasing every year legally with "tefe" which is inflation-adjusted government given rate around 10-15% each year you will be set for life. 


High-Value Unit Considering it is logistically impossible for the tenant to leave your commercial, you will not have to worry about finding a new tenant and will be able to sell your unit with profit any time thanks to our competent team.

Price Appreciation Analysis

Price Increase in The Last Monthin The Neighbourhood
Price Increase in The Last Three Monthin The Neighbourhood
Price Increase in The Last Five Monthin The Neighbourhood

Location Overview

Project Offerings

Price Bedrooms Bathrooms Floors Area
$4.659.100 - - 2 00


Rental Agreement Tenant By Year By Month Return Of Investment
+ 10 years more Migros ₺1.800.000 ₺150.000 19 Years
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