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High Return Low Risk Shop
High Return Low Risk Shop
High Return Low Risk Shop
High Return Low Risk Shop

Property Overview

An invaluable investment for those who seek a price-performance investment, you will not be disappointed. A property with 350 sq.m closed area, parking spaces, storage, and more. This unit is rented by the grocery giant ŞOK for a long term with a yearly rent increase agreed in the contract.

Property Features

  • Property Type
    Property Type Commercial
  • Completon Status
    Completon Status 100%
  • Price Range
    Price Range $227,275
  • Location
    Location Ankara/Keçiören
  • Installments
    Installments Not eligible
  • Net Area (sq. m.)
    Net Area (sq. m.) 350
  • Citizenship
    Citizenship Eligibility Confirmed
  • Title Deed
    Title Deed Verified Secure
  • Building Age
    Building Age 1

Top 3 Reasons to
Buy This Property


High ROI A 19-year return in your investment at the moment will be waiting, but don't forget, rent increases each year, so your return will increase as well.


A Big Unit It isn't very usual to find units over 250 sq.m because of the regulations, but a fully registered permitted unit of this size will never have any problems being rented due to its big size.


A Location With Demand This property is located in a neighborhood that it serves alone and has a very high demand.

Price Appreciation Analysis

Price Increase in The Last Monthin The Neighbourhood
Price Increase in The Last Three Monthin The Neighbourhood
Price Increase in The Last Five Monthin The Neighbourhood

Location Overview

Project Offerings

Price Bedrooms Bathrooms Floors Area
$227.275 - - 1 350


Rental Agreement Tenant By Year By Month Return Of Investment
10 years more ŞOK Grocery ₺87.600 ₺7.300 19.6 Years
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Thank you for your interest in our option, a Viya attended will be with you shortly after your reservation request. Please do call us, sendus a message or e-mail us a simple request to reserve this property in your name. Please do keep in mind reserving a property requires aphotograph of your passport.

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