A101 Grocery Stone Very High Rent


Property Overview

An A101 tenant means you are at ease when it comes to receiving and increasing your rent. It also means when, or if ever A101 leaves the unit, you will not have any problems finding another grocery chain to rent your unit because of the loyal everyday customers of this particular store. With a huge area of 400 sq.m it is hard to come by an opportunity like this. Some things are worth just going for it and this is an investment that you can just GO FOR IT!

Property Features

  • Property Type
    Property Type Commercial
  • Completon Status
    Completon Status 100%
  • Price Range
    Price Range $272,730
  • Location
    Location Ankara/Keçiören
  • Installments
    Installments Not eligible
  • Net Area (sq. m.)
    Net Area (sq. m.) 400
  • Citizenship
    Citizenship Eligibility Confirmed
  • Title Deed
    Title Deed Verified Secure
  • Building Age
    Building Age 5

Top 3 Reasons to
Buy This Property


Long Term Contract An investment is valued with its potential to generate income and capital appreciation. This investment is valued lower than normal compared to its potential under guarantee for the next 10 years.


Blue Chip Tenant A tenant as big as billion-dollar grocery chain A101 will increase the value of your unit in the next years.


18 Year ROI ROI in Ankara is around 25 years on average but Viya offers ROIs down to 15 years.

Price Appreciation Analysis

Price Increase in The Last Monthin The Neighbourhood
Price Increase in The Last Three Monthin The Neighbourhood
Price Increase in The Last Five Monthin The Neighbourhood

Location Overview

Project Offerings

Price Bedrooms Bathrooms Floors Area
$272.730 - - 1 400


Rental Agreement Tenant By Year By Month Return Of Investment
10 years more A101 Grocery ₺114.000 ₺9.500 18 Years
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