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From a program with few applicants when the minimum investment amount was USD 1 million, Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program rose to become the most popular CBI Program globally with 2611 families applying. With this surge in demand, the market needs focused marketers and service providers, such as migration consultants, financial and legal advisors, wealth managers, family offices and others, who are at the core of our Partnership Network for Turkish Citizenship.

Global residence and citizenship programs have earned their place in the portfolio of products, investment advisors offer to high net worth individuals due to the often priceless return on investment in a variety of instruments. More importantly, the process to citizenship involves an intricate understanding of the global migration processes, since the decision-making factors are weighted after a multilayered analysis of all benefits and opportunities. To these sophisticated applicants, becoming a citizen of Turkey is more than a simple investment transaction, and their trusted advisors must be able to read the complex structure of their personal rationale.

Viya Citizenship Services makes sure its partners have the sufficient abilities, capabilities and understanding to deliver Turkish CBI in the excellence delivered by us for over 200 of our families with documents, trainings, on-field partners and much more.

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Benefits of Working with Viya Citizenship Services

Benefits of Working with Viya Citizenship Services
  • Information Materials
    • Website Page with logos of Viya Citizenship Services & Partnered firm-laying out the details of Turkish Citizenship, Citizenship+ (United Kingdom, United States, Germany) as well as Residency, Banking and Company Formation within Turkey and further matters of question.
    • Brochures giving detailed information on Turkish Citizenship, Citizenship+ (United Kingdom, United States, Germany) as well as Residency, Banking and Company Formation and why the clients should work with you (&us) for their work in these areas.
  • Citizenship Support
    • Concierge Services– We help the clients with all related services they need from the time they arrive at the airport until they depart from Turkey including travel planning and driver-service.
    • Processing Services– We are a team of experienced lawyers that has completed over 150 families’ cases with passports delivered within our guaranteed term of three months. We are helping the clients prepare documents and a perfect application, apply, receive approvals and residency-and get their passports within three months.
    • Legal Value-Add Services– We help clients with anything additional- will and legacy planning, family and divorce law, name-changing and surname services, passport changes such as getting birthplace erased, property-related legal matters and much more.
    • Investment Assistance– We help clients referred to us buy properties with the best prices, best conditions, free of all problems that prevent citizenship-eligibility. We have agreements with more than 30 projects-among the best in İstanbul with the best agreements for our partners to work with!
    • Other Value-Add Services– We help clients with any further financial, property-related, governmental and document-related problems they are facing.
  • Events & Promotion
    • ​Citizenship Seminars– We have managed to organize events with the joining of parliamentarians, Presidential Investment Office coordinators, Consul Generals, Attaches in Dubai and will organize further in Tehran, Karachi etc. We can organize for you as well, as your partner.
  • Income Generation
    • Best Commissions on Property– Viya Citizenship Services is providing the exact best rate/commissions with half of the income generated to be shared with partners in Istanbul and in Turkey.

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