Residency Permits and Expat Services in Turkey

Did you know that there are 250.000+ people living in Turkey on a residency permit and that applications of residencies and renewals reached 400.000 only in İstanbul-2020? Turkey is a country of immigration by nature- sitting at the crossroads of the globe. Now, Turkey supports quality immigration coming into its borders governmentally as well and aims an international, competitive landscape in terms of workforce, business environment, education etc. People from around the world plan a second life in Turkey with that goal in mind.

But, it is difficult and becoming more difficult to obtain a residency in Turkey- due to the incredible amounts of demand. When contrasted by the 250.000+ people on permits, 400.000+ applications means at least a 37.5% rejection rate in applications. A residency permit has to be done right. We are here and ready to answer all your questions, to guide you in this process as an expat in Turkey- through all your journey from property acquisition to residency application- and to deliver the right and transparent information to you. See the answers to your questions in the articles below within our Guide to Residency Permits and Expat Services in Turkey.


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