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As Viya Citizenship, we provide a wide spectrum of private client services for many years. Within our private client practise, we advise ultra high-net-worth individuals and established entrepreneurs, families and family offices.

Family offices and governance of families is a prominent part of our private client services. Through our 25 years of legal experience, our Turkish renown for foundations and trusts law and our internationally-connected business approach- we are niche experts for trusts, offshore companies and family offices.

We are also taking care of prenuptial agreements, marital property, divorce, seperation, alimony-guardianship issues for international families that married in Turkey. Our wide network allows us to gather insight from various jurisdictions and bring them together in solving these complex cases.

We are also managing the legal, financial, accounting and operational aspects of the property investments and companies-fixed investments of our ultra high net-worth clients as lawyers and consultants, accountants and advisors. We, additionally, help them apply and receive generous governmental incentives. One of our clients has been granted land to build a factory, land of 250.000 square-meters, and will employ 1250 people in western part of Black Sea region of Turkey.


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