Investment in Turkey

There are approximately 6000 foreign-owned businesses in Turkey. This number used to be much lower and started becoming significant only after 2010- after changes of law that allowed foreigners to invest easily came into place. Almost 10% of these firms are large-scale joint stock companies and more than 70% of these 6000 firms are all owned by European entrepreneurs. Germans, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italians are our top partners in business along with Iraqis, Saudis, Russians and Iranians.

People from Southeast and East Asia and Middle East are now starting to discover Turkey more as a business hub and think of the country as an ideal launchpad and an ideal springboard to many markets such as Balkans, EU, Middle East, Near East, Caucasia, Russia and CIS. Turkey is also becoming the main transit flight station for all these nationalities.

There is also a changing landscape for foreign entrepreneurs in Turkey. Free zones, organized industrial zones and technoparks that are everywhere around the nation as well as incentives help these investor-entrepreneurs. But, to receive these benefits and to navigate easily in Turkey, the help of a knowing and responsible lawyer is very critical. We are ready to answer all questions and solve all challenges with you. See the answers to your questions in the articles below within our Guide to Establishing and Doing Business in Turkey.


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