Education And Working In Turkey

Turkey is home to 185.000 international students in higher education- as opposed to the total 8.000.000 students in the nation. This 185.000 number is a 9-fold increase from 2010’s 9000. An education in Turkey is cheaper when compared to Western nations but on par in quality and integrated with European Union- thus, a very good investment. Many started to appreciate this.

As Viya, we believe in a good future for you and for your family. Our attorneys have expertise and connections with the education community in Turkey- to plan education along with your investment in Turkey.

We are also experts in the integration of expats in Turkey- through residencies, work permits and housing as well as other things. We help corporations in the immigration of their own workforce.

See the answers to your questions in the articles below within our Guide to Education and Working in Turkey.


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