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About Citizenship-by-Investment Planning

Viya Citizenship is a firm with global standards and success in the area of Citizenship-by-Investment Planning. Our clients include VHNW (very high net worth) and UHNW (ultra high net worth) individuals and their families, advisors that help private clients globally on different aspects such as wealth and legal. We are the top experts in Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program and advise our clients fully on the area. We also help our clients choose the right Citizenship-by-Investment or Residency-by-Investment Program and can direct our clients for other top programs around the world. Over the years of our work, we have assisted hundreds of clients for Turkish Citizenship and related investments and we are responsible for millions of dollars of foreign direct investment flowing in Turkey as well as other countries.

Viya Citizenship is regularly supporting the Turkish government with suggestions, documentation and projects around the Turkish Citizenship by Investment and Residency programs.

Private Clients
One country and one passport is not enough for a person with sufficient talent, means and success. Life is global as well as business. A dual-citizenship is a must, therefore. Decide on getting your Citizenship-by-Investment and advance your life with means to personal freedom, privacy, security and financial sustainability. We are a team of experts, assisted with necessary information and experience- to help you with that important decision. When one becomes a client of Viya Citizenship- he/she receives an integrated, wholistic advise on all aspects of his citizenship-by-investment process including property purchasing, documentation, security etc. instead of isolated advice. Our experts in each particular area come together to perfectly maintain all aspects of Turkish Citizenship. Apart from the team of expert lawyers and immigration experts at your disposal at all times, a dedicated Client Engagement Manager will be with you at all times- coordinating experts and your process. Each client we have- is given a perfect Citizenship-by-Investment Planning process with advise and problem-free and hassle-free execution of strategy. Our advanced expertise and vast experience enable us to deal with governmental procedures quickly and efficiently on your behalf.
Wealth Management Professionals
Trusted advisers of VHNW (very high net worth) and UHNW (ultra high net worth) individuals including law firms, citizenship expert firms, citizenship planning firms, property brokers and more come to us for our vast experience and advanced expertise in all aspects of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program. ​Our services include comparative law of citizenship and the acquisition of citizenship based on residence, ancestry, or citizenship-by-investment. ​The Special Services of Viya Citizenship are a critical resource and complement to other firms that advise international private clients. We regularly help law firms, private banks, family offices, and other wealth management professionals with the unique and specific details required for a citizenship planning portfolio for their clients.

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