Is Turkey A Good Place To Retire

09 Ağustos 2021

Is Turkey a Good Place to Retire? 

Many people often wonder if Turkey is an excellent place to settle after retirement. With the improving economy of Turkey, fantastic health care, moderate cost of living, and flexible policies, the answer is pretty straightforward. Turkey is a great place to retire if you are ready to give up work and have enough funds. 

Nevertheless, retiring in Turkey requires careful planning, mainly if you have not stayed in Turkey before. If you are looking forward to retiring to Turkey, this guide is certainly for you. Read on to find out! You will find reasons why retiring in Turkey is a good idea and some places to consider. 


7 Reasons Why Turkey Is a Good Place to Settle 

  1. Low Cost of Living 

The low cost of living in Turkey is a good reason to retire there. Since you will no longer be working, you need a place you don’t need to spend much to enjoy maximum comfort. Food and water expenses are affordable. In fact, you don’t even need a TV license. 

  1. Soothing Weather 

Aside from the monetary benefits of Turkey, the weather is also something you can trust. You wake up every day to unique and soothing conditions. Most months of the year experience perfect temperature, aside from January and February that see lots of rainfall. The temperature also varies with location. Consider Aegean for the coldest temperature and Antalya for something warmer. 

  1. Affordable Housing Models 

Housing is an essential factor if you are looking to retire. Several locations in Turkey offer affordable housing that ensures maximum comfort at a moderate cost. You can get a home with trendy design and intelligent technology at a relatively low price.

  1. Juicy Savings Interest Rates 

Since retirement means the end of the working era, it is best to maximize the savings option. Turkish savings scheme offers some of the best interest rates. It averages about 10% (note that it varies). Once you deposit the money into a high-interest savings bank, you can withdraw the profit after tax. 

  1. Excellent Healthcare 

Considering the average age of those retiring, proper healthcare is essential to enjoy the post-work era. You can buy into the SGK system run by the Turkish government or purchase personal policies as a retired expat. Either way, you would be enjoying one of the best healthcare systems in the world at a moderate cost. 

  1. Easy Residency Process 

If you are considering the option of becoming a citizen after retiring, you will find it relatively easy in turkey. Aside from the ease of online application for residency, there are several ways you can achieve it with ease. 

  1. Healthy Food Delight 

Turkey is a home for numerous delicacies with rich health quality. You will get to enjoy healthy and tasty Turkey cuisines with your moderate budget. Feel free to enjoy the peculiar treats in different parts of Turkey. 


Best Places to Live in Turkey After Retirement 

Turkey is quite extensive, and each region has peculiar features, including weather and delicacies. Below are some of the best parts to consider if you want to retire to turkey. 


1. Belek, Antalya


1. Yalıkavak, Bodrum


1. Uzungöl, Trabzon


Retiring to Turkey is an impressive step. All you need is proper planning and suitable funds. Enjoy! 

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